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Landscaping - Cal Perry's Landscape Full Service Lawn and Pool Company for landscaping, lawn care, and residential and commercial service. Located in DeSoto, Texas.

All Your Lawn & Landscaping Needs

Perry's Landscape Full Service Lawn and Pool Company is a landscape contracting company serving residential and commercial customers with experience and aptitude. We offer a wide range of skills, including lawn and landscape maintenance, soil improvement, growth maximization, proper care of ornamental plants, irrigation system installations, and stonework.

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March–November (Growing Season)
Maintenance Package!
Weekly service Starting at $120 per month consisting of:

December–February (Off Season)
Maintenance Package!
Bi-Weekly service Starting at $65 per month consisting of:

  • Mowing front and back lawn, bagged or mulched (your preference)
  • Edging all sidewalks & curbs
  • Decks, patios, & sidewalks kept blown
  • Fertilization program (fertilization program every 3 months)
  • Insecticide program
  • Shrubs kept manicured & pruned, clipping picked up
  • Weed eating total perimeter
  • Flower beds cleaned
  • Weeds kept sprayed in lawn as needed
  • Vines, ivy, & suckers kept pruned & manicured
  • All trash kept picked up


  • Leaves kept vacuumed off lawn, flower beds, & curbs
  • Sidewalks, patios, & decks kept blown
  • Minor tree pruning
  • Pre-emergent furnished at additional charge
  • Winterizer furnished at additional charge
  • Shrubs pruned and trimmed
    Scalping of lawn in early spring
  • Winter weeds kept out of flower bed and lawn
  • Clean gutters at additional charge
  • Winter rye

Perry's Professional Pool Maintenance - weekly service starting at $120/month with lawn service contract. Services include weekly vacuum, clean all filters, granular chlorine & chlorine tablets, water check and brush pool.

Landscape Design: Using CAD (computer-assisted design) technology, we can map out our work and show you the finished product before we even break ground.
Landscape Installations: From the placement of sod for a new lawn to creating flowerbeds around a property, our workers have the skills and expertise to handle any job, regardless of the size.
Lawn Maintenance: We offer weekly, monthly, onetime, and ongoing contracts for lawn work, which includes mowing, edging, trimming, weed eating, fertilizing, seeding, pest removal, and beautification.
Cutting & Pruning: We cut, trim, and prune all sizes of shrubs and trees.
Stonework: Our masonry experts build retaining walls, rock gardens, walkways, maintain gravel work, and mark pavement for security purposes.


Business Landscape

Irrigation Systems: We install and maintain sprinklers for residential and commercial properties as well as build waterfalls and ponds.
Winter Sanding & Snow Removal: Our snowplows and sanders will keep your property safe through the winter months.
Seasonal Programs
Spring: Lawn fertilization and stopping weeds before they start. Also weed and insect controls and preparation for root development and strength.
Summer: Additional fertilizing treatments.
Fall: Weed and insect controls, aeration, over seeding, fertilization, leaf removals, and any additional preparations necessary for winter.
Additional Specialized Tasks: Power raking, core aeration, mulching, topsoil grading and leveling, slit seeding, hydro seeding, de-thatching, and lawn repairs following septic system work.

We Install Christmas Lighting and Holiday Decorations!

Gardens Stone Work Swimming Pools For All Your Lawn & Landscaping Needs

We Are Your Anwser To A Beautiful Landscape

Whether you're a home owner, a commercial property developer, or a business manager, our technicians are well trained to handle any landscaping task. Contact Perry's Landscape to schedule an appointment for a consultation today, and take the first step toward a more attractive landscape on your property.

For your residential and commercial landscaping needs, contact us today!

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